Conscious Journal

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    Our campaign that runs throughout THE SALE is about the positive action that has been delivered through our customers shopping in December - from a competition winner recommending we donate £100 to BITE Charity to us planting over 1,000 trees. Every purchase has purpose
  • GREEN is the new BLACK

    GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK.   Well it has to be, right?  £10bn is spent over 3 days of black Friday in the UK. If retailers all gave 1% to charity, we would be looking at circa £100m donated.  That’s a lot of money.   Here at Generous APE we are putting our money where our mouth is and pledging 10% o...
  • A more conscious Christmas.

    3 simple tips to a more sustainable Christmas. Up to 8 million Christmas trees are bought every December in the UK alone. That's a lot of intensive production, and potentially a lot of waste. It's true that fake plastic trees last for years – and nowadays they can look very realistic. But is it t...
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