Collection: BEEN London

Founder: Genia Mineeva

About the brand: Founder Genia Mineeva started off as a political journalist, working for the BBC and running many campaigns for the UN, however, one story really got under her skin: coffee cup waste. After researching this topic immensely she came to the conclusion there was so much potential in ‘waste’ that wasn’t being realised. Been London sources materials destined for landfill and turns them into timeless, classic designs. Discarded leather trimmings are reborn as premium totes and crossbodies. Landfill-bound plastics are revived as silky linings and zips. Pineapple leaves and apple peels are repurposed into vegan leather. And every material they use is certified by a trusted global organisation.

APE says: A brand which is finding a solution to an environmental problem, not adding to it, is everything we want to see. The bags are also beautiful!

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