Collection: SANS MATIN

Founders: Charles Cunningham and Lachlan Cunningham

About the brand: The cousins, now colleagues, have created a versatile, comfortable, and of course, stylish collection. Sustainability is at the forefront of their minds and here are some of the issues that they have been able to address to date. All their shoeboxes and care cards are made from 100% recycled cardboard and the shoe bags are made from recycled cotton and recycled PET (plastic bottles). By implementing locally sourced leathers, canvases, laces, footbeds, shoeboxes and shoe bags they have minimised waste and reduced the carbon footprint. SANS MATIN shoes are handmade with 60% natural rubber soles. Also to complete the lifecycle of your old sneakers - send them back to us. Items in good condition are sent to charity, all remaining items are repurposed as new materials e.g. insulation and carpet underlays. It's that easy to make a difference together!

APE says: Love these guys and their vision. I have already ordered a pair of the Triple A!

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