Collection: Saskia Flower Essences

Founder: Saskia Marjoram

About the brand: Saskia has been working with flowers all her life. As a professional gardener for more than 30 years, and florist to HRH Prince of Wales for many years, she started making flower essences in 2003. She currently offers a complete range of British flower essences including single essences and combinations that you take internally and mists to spray on yourself and the area around you. Her essences are infused with the energy of British wildflowers and trees to create energetically powerful flower essences. Flower essences help shift a whole range of emotional states and behaviours and therefore can help with a whole host of different issues. They are known to be able to help with anger, confidence, depression, grief, energy levels, self-worth as well as a variety of other obstacles that we face in life.

APE says: These beautiful remedies help lift and rescue how we feel. I am already ordering a handful!
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