Sustainability Policy


Influencing sustainability by being the change through a community of customers & brands.


Progress not perfection: It is all about progress not perfection. Striving to be better and accepting there is always more that can be done.

Honest business: Practicing honest sustainability behaviour in line with reducing unnecessary waste and communicating the positive benefits of the behaviour. We will always seek to be as transparent and accountable as possible; if you have any questions about any aspect of the way we operate, please get in touch and we will do our best to provide you with full and detailed answers.

Respect community: This is about subtle influence and avoiding any ‘superior’ attitudes to waste and sustainability. Working with a community of people who are trying to make a difference and need support, guidance and encouragement to progress. We will do everything we can to ensure that at all levels of our organisation and throughout our supply chain, the people who contribute to the Generous APE community are free to go about their work without discrimination on the basis of gender, belief, sexuality or race, in a safe and secure environment, with fair treatment and reasonable pay.

Innovate with passion and intention: Researching new developments that benefit sustainability and adopting all appropriate behaviours. Learning from others and seeking out real improvements.

Reviewing the policy annually to ensure progress is being made.

Important Issues

Every single person can make a difference and be the change. Anything you implement has the opportunity to be adopted more broadly and over time make a positive difference.

When called upon, take opportunities to communicate behaviour that assists the challenges of sustainability. 

Commitment & Scope

This policy applies to anything which we have total control over and anytime we can make a personal choice about matters relating to sustainability. 

With regard to others who work with us or around us, the onus is on subtle influence rather than taking an approach which may alienate others. We will communicate ways that sustainability can be improved and we will guide those we come into contact with.

All the ideas, processes and approaches operate within the law and consider all corporate and social responsibility aspects. 


The aim is to minimise waste of materials, water, energy and air quality. We want people to seek out more sustainable ways of living for the benefit of animals, people and the environment.

Last updated: 1 December 2020