Behind The Brand: Meet Hailea and Gabrielle of Deidei

Behind The Brand: Meet Hailea and Gabrielle of Deidei

Our team at Generous have interviewed one of our new brands onboarded, Deidei.

This Behind The Brand series takes a deep dive into their ethos and how they put their customers first, they truly care about women and their freedom to grow and change.

We asked Deidei 4 of our most important questions, to get to understand them more. Read the interview below.

1) What inspired you to start Deidei?

Hailea: 'I spent my childhood with my Grandma; we had so much fun. If we weren’t sifting through car boot sales and sewing clothes, we’d be eating picnics in the woods or watching old Audrey Hepburn films. She was always my first and biggest supporter. My Grandma told me stories about working in the weaving sheds of the textile factories. Tales of men abusing their power and the bad working conditions in the mills, which affected her Grandmother’s health. This is what inspired me to find a better way of doing things in the fashion industry. She didn't have the opportunity to go to fashion school or to start her own label, so she’s always with me when I design.'

2) What is the ethos behind Deidei?

Gabrielle: 'To make looking good, feeling good and doing something positive for the Earth mean the same thing. Caring for the Earth has always been the hardest part of this challenge but ultimately if we want to see people looking and feeling good, it's the most important part.'
Hailea:'There is so much pressure to be perfect, especially as a woman, to edit ourselves down to just a snapshot on an iPhone or live up to everyone's expectations. The problem is that doesn't show the truth of how multi-faceted and interesting we are. We want women to feel the freedom to grow and change.'

4) How do you practice sustainability in your daily life?

Gabrielle: 'To try and buy second hand where I can, especially homeware and furniture, and to reupholster or repair items so they last longer. I always try to buy less, and if I do buy something new to make sure it is good quality and will last a lifetime (like Deidei).

Take a look at our recommended picks below from the Deidei collection.

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