vanilla bloom scented reeds

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Includes 5 scented reeds / Fragrance diffusion lasts up to 8 weeks

Scenting couldn't be easier with our NEW & EXCLUSIVE plastic-free, pre-infused, paper reeds. These are made for those wanting to repurpose your own favourite containers - simply pop the scented reeds in for joyous floral scents.

Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Sustainably Sourced Ingredients | Clean Formulations | Plastic-Free | 100% Recyclable

The scent: 

vanilla bloom

While we can’t promise real-life skipping through fields of flowers, we can transport you there. Rock rose is dialed up by juicy plum over a generous heap of golden vanilla and finished with a layering of crisp amber. Utterly joyous.

How to use our scented reeds:

Pop our scented reeds into your chosen vessel, jar or container and place them in your preferred room to enliven any home space with our mood-inducing fragrances. We recommend using 2-3 reeds for a gentler scent or a smaller space. Use all 5 reeds for higher intensity or for larger rooms. 

Our scented reeds are also available in: Wonderland Bloom, Lady Emma, Grapefruit Bloom, Midnight Tulip