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Mini Milky Argan Active moisturiser 15ml

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Douvalls lightweight milk provides deep hydration of purified water with skin rejuvenating micro droplets of 100% pure Argan oil and Argan active, allowing our formula to go deeper to nourish and plump out skin.

Argan Active is made using the leaves of the argan tree, and is packed with flavonoids which inhibits free radicals, to protect and repair collagen. 

Firms and smoothes skin with the protection of skins elastin, anti-ageing to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. 

100% Natural. No chemical Emulsifiers. Suitable for all skin types.

Key Ingredients of Argan Active;  
Contains essential Lipids (fatty Acids) that nourish and even out skin texture. 
Contains Flavonoids to brighten and support strengthen skin
Contains Sapponins to soothe, protect and repair. 
Clinical study results: 
  • Skin is more elastic: 88%.
  • Skin texture is smoother: 71%.
  • Skin is softer: 100%
  • Skin youthfulness is preserved.

(with application twice a day for eight weeks)

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