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Heavy Duty Degreaser 2Ltr Refill (Concentrate)

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This large Heavy Duty Degreaser is ideal to use on all hard kitchen surfaces and food prep areas, kitchen appliances, floors, walls, tiles and stainless surfaces. You can even use this heavy-duty grease remover on your greasy cooking trays and pans in the kitchen.

As a plant-based and vegan-friendly degreaser concentrate, it requires diluting prior to use and uses a combination of naturally derived vegetable extracts and powerful surfactants to leave surfaces clean and shiny.

✓ Compact 2L bottle, easy to store
✓ Free from Petroleum solvents, EDTA, NTA, Fragrance, Dyes, APEs, low VOC’s.
✓ Removes heavy soiling
✓ Safe on paint, aluminium, metal, glass, rubber
✓ Safe in septic tanks if used as directed
✓ Reduced use of hazardous substances
✓ Phosphate and phosphonate free

Areas of Use

Kitchen Surfaces
Food Prep Areas
Kitchen Appliances
Floors, Walls & Tiles
Stainless Surfaces
Greasy Trays & Pans

Instructions for Use

Apply a small amount to a damp cloth and wipe the surface. For heavy cleaning, spray directly onto the surface, leave to stand for a few moments and wipe clean.

Instructions for Dilution

This product is a concentrate and must be diluted before use. Add 330ml (to 700ml bottle) + water = ready to use. Always refill into a clean empty bottle. 

✓ 100% Made in Britain
✓ Vegan-Friendly, Natural Plant-Based Cleaning Product
✓ Ethical & Eco-Friendly Sustainable Cleaning
✓ Highly Biodegradable Ingredients
✓ B Corp Certified
✓ Never Tested on Animals
✓ Pet Safe100%
✓ Recycled & Recyclable Plastic Bottle Packaging

Loved by Professionals, Approved by the Planet.

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