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Dog Fur Detangler & Conditioning Spray - Nourishing & Softening 225ml

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Natural, deoderizing dog fur conditioner which can be used after using our MadeKind  natural dog shampoo or just as a spray to help with grooming.  This natural dog fur detangling spray helps to untangle knotted fur; it is perfect for dogs with double coats such as retrievers or dogs that often get tangled fur like cockapoos. The dog conditioner contains Vitamin B5 to deeply nourish and add shine, and Aloe Vera to soften fur and soothe skin irritations. It is fragranced with essential oils which are naturally antibacterial and leave your dog smelling fresh.

Paraben & SLS Free

*Natural   *Gentle   *Paraben & SLS free   *Antifugal & antiseptic   *Nourishing   *Refillable

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