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All Earth Cosmetics Multi Use Face Serum

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All Earth Cosmetics Multi Use Face Serum is handmade In Cornwall and comes in a 30ml glass bottle with an aluminium lid. A little goes a long way, only a couple of drops are needed per application so this little bottle of goodness will last you a long time.

Can be used as a :-

• Day and night face serum - drop a couple of drops in to finger tips , rub together and apply evenly all over your face

• Pre mineral base - apply to your face about 3-5 minutes before applying your mineral foundation.

• Mineral foundation mixer - Put 1-2 drops in to lid with your mineral foundation and mix together well with your kabuki brush , stipple on to face then buff all over for a more dewy finish. For a heavier coverage apply a dry layer of foundation of the top.

• Make up remover - apply a couple of drops to finger tips, rub together and apply evenly all over face, leave for a few minutes and then use a warm, damp flannel/re usable make up pads by gently rubbing all over your face And you will see the make up wiping away, wash your flannel out and repeat this again for complete removal, then apply your face cream to nourish your skin afterwards . Your face will feel clean, fresh and revitalised.
For removal of eye make up only use the serum if you do not have sensitive eyes. Rub a couple of drops in to your finger tips and gently massage in to closed eyes paying extra attention to your eye lashes (yes you will end up with panda eyes) then take a warm damp flannel/make up remover pad and wipe it all away, may take a couple goes depending on how much eye make up you have on. Then do the same underneath your eyes. DO NOT apply directly into your eyes, if you do by accident then rinse immediately with cold water.

Quick drying

Free from SLS, SLES, parabens, alcohol, palm oil, lanolin, gluten, artificial fragrance and petroleum

Handmade in Cornwall, natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly

We advise to carry out a patch test before applying to face incase of any allergic reaction.

Do not consume or apply directly in to eyes.


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