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Georgia and the Arganuts Children's Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser 50ml | Nourishing and Soothing Care for Sensitive Skin

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Georgia and the Arganuts Children's Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser, a natural and gentle solution to nourish and protect your baby or child's face, body, and hair. Specially formulated with the purest Eco-Certified, Organic Argan Oil, known as "liquid gold" in Morocco, this multi-tasking moisturiser is fast-absorbing, lightweight, and brimming with vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Experience the wonders of Georgia's Argan Oil as it deeply hydrates, nourishes, and repairs even the most delicate of skin. The natural properties of this precious oil soothe and calm sensitive skin, making it perfect for bedtime baths, gentle massages, and as a soothing treatment for cradle cap. Additionally, it helps to prevent and calm nappy rash, ensuring your little one stays comfortable and content.

Our Organic Argan Oil is sourced from a women's co-operative in Morocco, supporting sustainable and empowering practices. We take pride in offering a chemical-free, fragrance-free formula with no preservatives, ensuring pure and safe care for your child's skin.

Embrace the purity of our Children's Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser, tailored for all skin types and crafted with love and care. Give your child the best of nature's goodness with this cruelty-free moisturiser, designed to protect and nurture their delicate skin. Experience the joy of natural skincare, inspired by the love and care that Georgia and the Arganuts stand for.

Chemical free, fragrance free, no preservatives, cruelty free. 

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