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Garland Notebook, Lilac

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The Garland notebook in lilac and orage is a zero waste, 100% cotton paper notebook with a traditional hand block printed soft bound cover.  

Iconic images of India include flower filled visions of temple garlands and Mughal inspired decor. The Garland print is an impression in miniature of the marigold flower which has great spiritual significance in India representing the sun and positivity.

Our plain, unruled notebooks have the beautiful, tactile quality that results from the ancient skill of making paper by hand. The cotton rags are recycled from waste textiles and once pulped laid over a mesh screen allowing the cellulose rich fibres to bind together to form the paper. Each sheet is then hung to dry before being pressed.

We partner with a small, family run business in Jaipur who operate with a zero waste policy, recycling cotton textile waste to produce 100% tree free cotton paper.

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