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Cupple Carrier - Black

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Emotional Support Bottle?   Have it with you at all times.......

We worked with an accessories designer to redesign our Cupple carry bag. The bespoke new carrier is made from high quality recycled material giving it a more luxury feel. The fit for your Cupple is snug and the pocket on the back is deep enough to hold a phone securely. 

We wanted the carrier to be the best possible design for all our Cupple customers who want to take their Cupple out and about hands free. 

  • 100% recycled PET (RPET) material (post consumer waste plastic bottles) 
  • Strong strap and handle
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Smaller  handle staps attach to another bag, rucksack, tote bag
  • Height 17cm, Width 7.5cm
  • Weigh:  50g

Our new carrier makes it easier to carry your Cupple and stay hydrated hands-free when out on a walk, sight seeing, shopping, commuting, at concerts, festivals or simply popping out for a coffee! 

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