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Cinnamon Daisy Tiered Dress

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Cinnamon Daisy Tiered Dress with its volume is a versatile and romantic number. The daisy print, reminiscent of the outdoors, infuses your style with a sense of whimsical charm, making it a delightful choice for any season, whether you're enjoying a picnic, a cozy autumn afternoon, or a warm garden party. Each tier separates with a delicate lace.  It celebrates the enduring appeal of daisies on a cinnamon base, making every day a day to embrace the charm of nature with style and grace.the dress comes with a slip. Pairs well with tan boots. 

Fabric: Cotton 
Care: Can be machine washed in cold water.
We always recommend hand wash, better for the planet and better for the clothes
Shipping & Delivery: Ships in 2-3 working days
UK delivery in 3-4 days
US & Rest of the world delivery in 4-5 Days 

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