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Ya'Fu Yoga Cushion Maroon Brown

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This ultra-comfortable cushion is the yoga accessory you need for practicing asanas and meditation. It lifts your hips and upper body just enough to relieve prolonged sitting.Your legs rest comfortably, free from pain or strain, allowing you to focus on your meditation and relax completely. Its round shape and vegan leather cover make it a cozy cushion of unparalleled quality. Designed to accompany you for a long time, it is filled with spelt balls, providing a stable and well-grounded posture. All materials used to make the Ya'Fu are ethical and eco-friendly. The Ya'Fu is assembled by hand, with each piece being unique and crafted with the utmost care by our leatherworker. The Ya'Fu is designed for a harmonious practice of yoga and meditation, becoming an essential ally in your daily exercises.


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