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Livvy B's Magnesium Plus Body Cream 250ml

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This extremely nourishing magnesium body cream boasts a trio of magnesium compounds including Magnesium Salt, Magnesium Ferment and Amino Magnesium, formulated to work together to deliver optimal results and efficacy to the skin.  

This mineral-rich product also contains Zinc, Copper & Iron,  which have been fermented to transform these minerals into a bioactive material, easily recognised by our skin. 

These minerals have also been shown to provide antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits to the skin, protecting skin against damage caused by pollution, stress, and other daily aggressors. 

Containing a nourishing blend of Avocado, Almond and Jojoba oils which are packed with essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2 & D to support the skin through sleep. These oils give the skin a silky smooth and non-greasy feel as well acting as an emollient, keeping skin soft and supporting our natural lipid barrier to maintain hydration, health and resilience, creating an optimum base for the mineral complex to work. 

This wonderful cream is also infused with a dreamy blend of botanical extracts including Hops, Lavender, valerian root, chamomile, Hawthorn and rosemary extracts renowned for their ability to promote rest, relaxation and peaceful sleep. 

Our product can be safely used by all ages including children, pregnant ladies and the elderly.

"I've just found this rather fabulous cream! I slightly overdid my walking yesterday with my new hip and my poor old glutes complained! I rubbed it on and this morning pain all gone. I'm sure I slept better too. Its organic and doesn't sting and smells divine. A great present for anyone with aches and pains or restless legs" Melanie brown nutritionist, specialising in fertility and IVF, pregnancy 

"This cream is amazing - my skin is definitely less sore and more nourished.   The scent is also so lovely - I am not sure why but so many smells irritate me now (or make me nauseous) and your cream just smells comforting.   I am also menopausal and think the cream has definitely helped with symptoms of that as well.  To sum up - I will definitely be buying more.   Thank you again for your kindness"  Chemo patient

All our ingredients are made from 100% pure, organic, sustainable and vegan friendly raw materials. Made and tested at a private clinic in the UK

For more information about what our cream contains and how the active ingredients benefit the functions of your body, please go and read the blog.

Size: 250ml. 

Directions: A little goes a long way, use as required to the body or legs.

Highly beneficial for children before bed to help with sleep and anxiety.

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