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The Biodegradable | 30 Denier

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Say hello to the first pair of sustainable tights in the world to unify a crafty combination of Amni Soul Eco®️ biodegradable yarn and ladder-resistant technology. Multitasking better than you on a caffeine high, The Bio in 30 denier is better for your legs, and better for the environment.

A love note on ladder-resistance:
While our tights are crafted using the best technology and yarns - they can’t always defeat zippers, dog handshakes or fierce jewellery. They’re durable - not unbreakable, so treat them with care and they’ll love you longer.

Available in a high shaping waistband: 15cm / 6 inches with reinforced, 40 denier toes for extra stamina.



We wanted to create something different – tights that make you feel great and that wouldn’t add to the world’s ever-growing throwaway culture. Enter the world’s first, 100% vegan friendly, 20 denier ladder-resistant tights.

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