Behind The Brand: Meet Julian Osborne of Batch LDN

Behind The Brand: Meet Julian Osborne of Batch LDN

Our team at Generous have interviewed one of our new brands onboarded, Batch LDN.

We deep dive into their ethos and how they want to encourage people to shop more sustainably by redefining the traditional 'suit'.


1) What was the inspiration behind Batch?

We created Batch because we couldn't find a decent casual suit. The traditional suit has become unfit for modern purposes. Once considered a uniform for the powerful, is now an outdated formality that lacks versatility and comfort.  At Batch LDN we strongly believe that the ‘suit’ needs remodelling to champion versatility, freedom of expression and empower individual style. We represent contemporary life: a diverse lifestyle that requires a more adaptable outfit. This problem required a simple solution: a redefined “suit” that effortlessly pairs with anything in your wardrobe. A suit that empowers people to express themselves. A suit that is designed for every occasion and every style preference. 

2) What is the ethos behind Batch?

In a nutshell, we wanted Batch to facilitate an opportunity for people to try shopping more sustainably. It's ok to enjoy consuming clothes, but let's try to be a little more considerate as and when we're buying stuff. 
We believe that taking pride in your appearance doesn’t stop with what you see in the mirror. Today, it is the responsibility of every consumer and every business to make more conscious and responsible decisions that take into account the impact on our planet.
This respect for our planet underpins our commitment to sustainable manufacture. Batch LDN operates exclusively using our innovative ‘Batch Model’, producing suits that are made to order, enabling us to eliminate waste, overproduction and dead stock. 

3) How do you want Batch to make customers feel?

Confident, comfortable and elevated. The best version of yourself. 

4) How do you practice sustainability in your daily life?

We wouldn't consider ourselves significantly sustainable people. But we do believe we can all make more conscious decisions, notably when it comes to consuming clothes. A few small changes can make a big difference, especially if we all operate with this mentality. On a daily basis just use less, buy less, buy better. Simple equation to living a more sustainable daily life. 

 5) What is your idea of a perfect Saturday?

Perfect Saturday: up at a good time, tunes on, a bit of house work or reading, followed by a big blow out at the gym. Pop to the supermarket, cook a nice brunch whilst football focus is on, meet up with friends at the pub for beers, roll into dinner out and then decide where the night might take us! 

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