Behind The Brand: Leah at Jorgen House

Behind The Brand: Leah at Jorgen House

Our team at Generous have interviewed one of our new brands onboarded, Jorgen House.

This Behind The Brand series takes a deep dive into their ethos and the inspiration behind the brand.

1) What was the inspiration behind Jorgen House?

When I was pregnant with my first child I became so frustrated with the lack of innovation in maternity wear. Simply adding a bigger waistband won't mean it'll fit you any better when your body shape is constantly in flux. I also couldn't find a decent maternity sports bra that would perform just as well when I was jumping as when I was breastfeeding. We hadn't seemed to have moved on far from when the first maternity clips had been invented. It was a combination of these moments added with being made redundant on my maternity leave that pushed me to create the brand. I knew I wanted to create a brand that offered comfort combined with engineering that would support a changing body shape. Pieces that are designed to move, extend, bend and transform with you, from pre-natal to post, through motherhood and beyond. 

2) What is the ethos behind Jorgen House?

Jorgen House is a new concept in movement clothing. We embrace the ever-changing state of the female form, working with it - not against it. Using forward technology and thoughtful design we engineer life wear to keep up with the pace of evolution of a woman's life. Because maternity doesn't end after the fourth trimester - it's the beginning of a new lifetime. Jorgen House is a collection designed to be non-disposable throughout the ever-evolving stage of the life of a woman. 
We need to move away from the disposable fashion mentality associated with maternity wear, buy well and buy less. My youngest is now three and I still wear the products. The collection is sustainable in terms of its longevity, but also through to every other aspect of the brand from the chosen yarns to the factory run on renewable energy down to the recyclable and compositable packaging. 

3) How do you want Jorgen House to make customers feel?

To feel supported and at home, wherever they are. 

4) How do you practice sustainability in your daily life?

It's a work in progress. I wear my own products on a daily basis, the lounge leggings are what I live in. If I do buy new, I buy consciously and with my children's clothing I am always passing on pieces or reselling and buying second hand to extend their longevity. 
We use eco-friendly and subscription based cleaning products from Bower Collective and we're fortunate enough to live opposite a YouTube famous gardener, Charles Dowding, who provides us with the most amazing organic grown fruit and vegetables. 

5) What is your idea of a perfect Saturday?

It always starts with a coffee at The Old Pharmacy in Bruton while my girls attend their dance lessons. Then there'd be sunshine and chilled music while we spend time outdoors followed by a late afternoon lunch party with friends that extends into the eve. 
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