Q & A with pioneering cleaning brand Delphis Eco

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Q & A with pioneering cleaning brand Delphis Eco

Hugo Empson

The Cleaning industry is awash with environmental issues, mainly due to the damaging chemicals which results in devastating water pollution. Not to mention the waste from all of the packaging and containers which many are not recyclable and end up in landfills. Delphis Eco are leading from the front when it comes to...

Q&A with Babble and Hemp Founder, Charlie Thomas

Generous APE

Charlie is the Founder of Babble and Hemp, an incredible brand that produces beautiful Hemp shirts, sustainably What was the inspiration behind creating Babble & Hemp? A group of us were travelling around India getting a behind the scenes tour of the cotton industry as part of an Edinburgh Uni Sustainable...

Q&A with Ocean Bottle Co-Founder, Will Pearson.

Hugo Empson

Will’s interest lies at the intersection of entrepreneurship, social impact, and environmental conservation. After completing his undergraduate degree in engineering, Will spent a year working at sea in the Indian Ocean, where he saw first hand the current state of pollution in the world’s oceans. Will is no stranger to...

Q&A with Ocean Refresh founder Bernardo Pedroso

david walker smith

Bernardo is the Founder and CEO of Ocean Refresh, an outstanding brand that really do place the environment at the heart of everything they do.  Bernardo, what was it that made you wake up one morning and decided to launch Ocean Refresh?   I was born and raised by the...