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URCHIN - Cleansing and Skin Rejuvenation Device

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Maysama Urchin is an innovative beauty device which integrates deep cleansing function with four skin rejuvenation modalities; EMS microcurrent, LED light therapy and heat & vibration massage. Our multi-benefit probe stimulates deep facial muscles to firm & tone, optimizes absorption of skincare products and promotes lymphatic and micro-circulation. Cleansing Function: fitted with a detachable silicone brush head for deep but gentle cleansing and massage. Made of ultra-hygienic soft, non-porous silicone rubber with up to 6,000 vibrations per minute to help unclog pores, lift away dirt and impurities and dead skin cells. Suitable for normal skin types. Detach the brush head to reveal an EMS/ LED probe with microcurrent, pulsed red LED light, and heat and vibration massage. EMS Function: gentle microcurrent for facial toning. Helps to stimulate deep facial muscles to firm, tone and lift the face for that red carpet effect. Smooths out fine facial lines for a more youthful appearance. Select from 3 gears for EMS intensity. LED Light: Pulsed red LED light at 625-635nm assists the uptake of skincare nutrients and stimulates dermal fibroblasts to proliferate, promoting the production of collagen and elastin for better skin health. Red LED helps to reduce inflammation, increasse elasticity, reduce skin sensitivity and brighten skin.  Heat & Vibration Massage: For spa-like experience, Maysama Urchin warms the skin and provides vibration massage to promote lymphatic and blood circulation. Vibration intensity can be selected at three different levels for your comfort Product Specification Product Name                      Maysama Urchin Skin Rejuvenation Device Product accessories              Detachable silicone brush, stand, charger Product Size                         77*72*86mm Charging time                      2 hours Using time                           1 hours Rated Voltage                       3.7V Rated Current                       2.5A Rated Power                         9.25W Adaptor                                5V/1A  Type-C Battery Capacity                   1100mAh RF frequency                        1MHz

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