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Single-Speed Folding Bike

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The Single Speed Folding Bike

Feel the power in simplicity

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They say the simple things in life are the most extraordinary, and our Single Speed Folding Bikes definitely lives up to this. It is the ultimate purist bike, it is simple, fun and easy to use.

The Single Speed Folding bike is the world's lightest bike, which only has one gear, but has many powerful features which reinforce our status as a classic bike. The single gear is ultra-light and has a smooth design to ensure you have a carefully balanced bike. Single fixed gearing ensures your bike is low maintenance, which is a pro!

Our Single Speed Bike is effortlessly foldable to carry around with you and only weighs 6.9kg. Its Carbon fibre structure guarantees a strong and durable bike, combined with revolutionary mechanism which ensures it takes under 5 seconds to fold and unfold your bike, so it is perfect for on the go!

We designed our Single Speed Folding Bike to offer carbon tri-spoke performance wheels, as well as a unique bike design. Carbon performance wheels give better aerodynamic acceleration and brake power. 

Our Iconic bike design has multiple colour choices such as Hummingbird Yellow, Prestige Black, Carbon Edition and Flax.

The Folding Single Speed Bike arrives fully assembled with a start guide and any information you need to know to get you ready for a ride!

What our customers say.. 

‘It’s everything I hoped it would be, and it feels like a fantastic ride. Using my road bike has knocked 40 minutes off of my journey every day and its lightness and compact form when folded has made taking it onto the trains and through the crowded stations a viable option’ - Alexander G.

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