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Cinnamon Daisy Mini Dress

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The Cinnamon Daisy Print captures the enduring charm of daisies set against the warm and earthy backdrop of cinnamon. The print evokes a feeling of rustic elegance, with daisies artfully scattered across the fabric, creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty and design.This mini dress has godet style construction, it flows beautifully. It comes with a bias stripe detachable belt which can be used to cinched waist. For carefree afternoons that turn into fun evenings, this dress can be worn to any event. Pair with high boots and cozy scarf for this fall season. 

Fabric: Cotton
Care: Can be machine washed in cold water.
We always recommend hand wash, better for the planet and better for the clothes
Shipping & Delivery: Ships in 2-3 working days
UK delivery in 3-4 days
US & Rest of the world delivery in 4-5 Days 

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