Face Cleanser Serum Concentrate - Organic Yuzu and Rose Otto

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Activate Cellular Regeneration

Deep cleanse with super seed oils that emulsify and draw pollutants and makeup away from skin.

Uniquely imbued with high performance plant cell bio-active serums that support collagen production, microcirculation, matrix repair and softening of fine lines whilst limiting the effects of silent inflammation caused by environmental aggressors.

This 'first point of contact' cleanser serum is inspired by the ancient Japanese Geisha rituals. Camellia Japonica oil, Yuzu essential oil, Matcha Tea extract and Chlorella Vulgaris eukaryotic bio-actives are formulated within a 'Royal Flush' of balancing organic seed oils. Moringa, Rose Hip, Marula, Camellia and Grape seed oils deliver full spectrum nutrition within a balanced 3,6,9 Omega premium melange. 

Yuzu Cleanser Serum is also recommended for Gua Sha techniques and facial massage.

Content: 100 ml/3.4 fl oz

Directions for use:
For your AM / PM daily cleansing ritual. Optimise cellular absorption of bio-actives and deep cleanse pores with a unique blend of oils that emulsify and draw pollutants and makeup away from skin.

Soak a clean cloth in warm water, wring out and place over face to open pores. Take 2-3 pumps and massage your face gently for 2-3 mins to allow absorption of serum bio-actives. Soak cloth in warm water and gently wipe away emulsified makeup, SPF and pollutants. For a double cleanse, repeat above. Finish by gently patting face dry and spray Cellular Mist liberally over face and neck.

A Pantheon of luxurious oils.

Rose hip seed oil’s rich quantity of linoleic (omega 6), Alpha-linolenic (omega 3) acids and pro-vitamin A allow it to target signs of premature ageing caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is also known to correct dark spots, hydrate dry skin and reduce scars and fine lines by encouraging cellular regeneration.

Japanese Camellia oil is a rich source of Palmitic and Omega-6 Linoleic fatty acids, as well as numerous anti-aging polyphenol antioxidants.delivering an immense amount of phytonutrients. Camellia japonica is also known as “Tsubaki,” it is the Japanese native form of the plant Camellia.

Moringa Tree  has been known as ‘the miracle tree’ since the time of the Pharaohs and has extraordinary healing qualities and superfood status which still resonates to this day. This exquisite oil forms the basis of the 320MHz formulas. Rich in essential fatty acids, it’s an ideal moisturiser that heals and soothes.

Marula Oil is renowned for its free radical-scavenging properties – neutralising the effects of oxidative stress to prolong cell health and help delay the ageing process.

Grapeseed oil contains polyphenols, which help fight premature ageing and also performs a crucial pore cleansing role within the formulation.

Yuzu has a history of over 1200 years. Grown on the island of Shikoku, the rind of this plant is used for bathing and in skincare which has had a long tradition and believed to ward off winter colds and flu, and healing of chapped skin. When applied topically it helps encourage skin circulation and promote vital and more radiant skin.

Organic Rose Otto: A gentle steam distillation of the Rosa Damascena flower heads from the Rosova Dolina harvest. This rare essential oil enhances wellbeing, affecting both olfactic senses and physiology and traditionally used to calm and uplift.
Organic Neroli is extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Citrus Aurantium Subsp Amara, harvested by hand in late may or early June. It has many benefits and health promoting properties while it is frequently used to subdue anxiety and help promote a peaceful sleep. It is anti-bacterial and also helps reduce sebum production.

High performance algae and plant cell Bio-Actives

Chlorella Vulgaris Algae extract supports collagen production,matrix repair and softening of fine lines whilst limiting the damaging effects of silent inflammation caused by environmental aggressors. Chlorella is rich in carotenoids and lutien age-repair and tissue protecting actives.

Wakame Seaweed Macroalgae is a pioneering and award winning extract of macroalgae cells with an immediate and profound long-term anti-oxidant effect deep within the mitochondria.

Matcha Tea extract is renowned for high level, therapeutic EGCG catechin polyphenols. An exceptionally effective anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory bio-active.

Rose Peppercorn  cell extract helps to promote vital and healthy skin through its ability to activate superficial micro-circulation to deliver optimum blood flow.


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