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Sooka Bronze Mako Shark Jaw

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This Sooka bronze Mako Shark Jaw is fitted on a custom black pedestal made of wood and iron. It is a true one on one life-sized sculpture. The bronze has been polished which gives it its golden glow, and each tooth has been welded on by hand with much precision.

The Mako Shark

It is widely known that sharks are hunted by the world’s largest predator: humans. Our decisions these last few decades have made that sharks populations are becoming more vulnerable as the moments pass by. The Mako Shark is symbolic of the many sharks that are impacted on a daily basis. But since the Mako Shark is one of the fastest sharks in the ocean, it is also one of the most sought after shark to hunt among trophy fishermen. With our polished bronze jaw, we want to show that the shark is just as majestic and impactful in the form of a bronze sculpture as caught on a fishing hook.

About the collection

This sculpture is part of our Eternity of Remarkable Species collection where we capture the astonishing beauty of endangered animals in a static state. For this collection, we source species that are endangered or threatened by human impact. We want to put these species in a shining spotlight to raise awareness of their vulnerability, and beauty, at the same time. With this collection that we call the ‘Eternity of Remarkable Species’, we capture timeless species that are facing extinction in the form of bronze sculptures. The astonishing fleeting beauty of these endangered animals is solidified into a static, eternal state of bronze, welded at over 2000 degrees Celsius. Just as enchanting, less of an impact.


Just the jaw:
Length: 26.5 cm / 10.4 inches
Width: 34 cm / 13.4 inches
Height: 23 cm / 9 inches

Complete sculpture:
Length: 26.5cm / 10.4 inches
Width: 34cm / 13.4 inches
Height: 35cm / 14 inches
Weight: 2.5 kgs / 5.5 pounds

This skull has been signed by our designer, Jake Richmond

Dutch Design

Designer: Jake Richmond / Dutch Design
Concept: Eva van Stekelenburg
Origin: Indonesia
Date/Period: 2019
Materials: Bronze, MDF
The skull is displayed on a custom-fit black base, made from wood and steel. It can be detached from the base if desired.

Signed by our designer J. Richmond


All of our bronze sculptures, including this bronze Mako Shark Jaw, are made from upcycled metals such as old pipelines. Our craftsmen and women collect this scrap waste which they then put them in an oven at very high temperatures. Next, once the scrap waste pieces melt, the new raw material is ready to be used. We then use this virgin material to make our bronze sculptures. As bronze is a very eco and labour intensive material to mine, we feel it makes much more sense to reuse the material that has already been created than to extract it – again. By doing so we are trying to close at least one waste loop.

Transparency & Who made it

When it comes to our working conditions, we work exclusively with Indonesian craftsmen and women on both Bali and Java. This piece specifically was made in Java, Indonesia. All of our craftsmen and women get paid a living wage that exceeds what the Indonesian Law requires. Their income is enough for a comfortable home, food, education, ceremonies, and more.


Europe- Expected average transit time in business days: 4 – 8 days

Worldwide (excluding Europe) Expected average transit time in business days: 4 – 14 days



Jake and Eva started Sooka as they discovered that many luxury brands don't practice environmental & social ethics, so they decided to embark on a quest to redefine sustainable luxury. Their designs are made in Indonesia by their incredible craftswo/men that earn well over the minimum wage, who create their designs in communities, not factories.

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