Sandalwood + Mandarin Scent Diffuser


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Sandalwood + Mandarin Diffuser
Sandalwood + Mandarin Refill only
Sandalwood + Mandarin Diffuser + Refill Combo

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100% natural LT Co Scent Diffuser with 5 Porex eReed Black Diffuser Sticks. Refill Available.

Our scent diffusers are made with natural ingredients of Essential Oils and Glycerol. That’s it! Both ingredients are 100% natural.

Made with essential oils of Sandalwood and Mandarin essential oil.

Glycerol, a colourless, odorless & non toxic liquid is obtained by the conversion of natural fats and oils.

Sandalwood is a sophisticated, spicy, woody scent. Matched with the distinctive citrus smell of Mandarin this scent combination is a perfect balance of sweet and spice.

Your Diffuser will last beyond 12 weeks.