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Dishwasher Mix powder

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Dishwasher Mix is a super-eco dishwasher product, palm-free, plastic-free, petrochemical free, vegan, and designed with your plates and the planet in mind!  This eco-blend will  leave your dishes clean and glassware sparkling.  Made with bio-surfactants (fermented soap) and enzymes, this will also work on making your drains less stinky and can even boost laundry cleaning as a gentle stain remover.  Scent-free so you can taste your food and not your plates! No need to rinse, just pop 1-2 teaspoons in your dishwasher dispenser and run. 

500grams (a minimum of 40 loads) packaged in home compostable resealable pouch with a peelable label for your own container! 

Ingredients contain: <10% biosurfactants, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium percarbonate.

To use: Add a level tablespoon to your dishwasher dispenser (ensure dry), close and run dishwasher as normal.  For best results vinegar is recommended as a rinse aid.  


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