LA-EVA x Petersham Nurseries BLŪ LOTION 200ml

La Eva


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blue chamomile, lavender & vetiver

scent: woody & herbal

grounding, soothing, offers peace and clarity

* LIMITED EDITION : LA-EVA x Petersham Nurseries *

Inspired by the idea of synaesthesia (from the ancient greek σùν, syn – ‘together’and αiσθησις, aisthesis – ‘sensation’), we have come together with Petersham to create a limited edition range of LA-EVA products featuring a unique visual aesthetic that captures and celebrates the essence of their inspirational nurseries.

Our organic BLŪ face and body lotion is made from moisturising almond, regenerating rosehip and healing aloe oils, blended with nourishing shea and cocoa butters and vitamin E. Combined with healing blue chamomile and balancing lavender organic essential oils, it leaves your skin nourished, better protected and feeling soft and smooth.

For all skin types, including dry and sensitive skins.