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NOHrD Eau-Me Balance Board, Cherry

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The NOHrD Eau-Me Balance Board in Cherry is the next generation of balance boards. Its revolutionary design incorporates a water-filled tank that provides resistance to the user’s movements adding extra dimension to your balance and core stability workouts.

The Eau-Me Board is meant to improve the effectiveness of core exercises such as squats, sit-ups and push-ups. Performing these on the balance board encourages your body to use the stabilising muscles during each movement in order to maintain balance, thus improving coordination and core strength. Exercising on an unstable platform also provides significantly more challenge for larger muscle groups.

NOHrD’s Eau-Me Balance Board is suitable for anyone, from complete beginners to elite athletes. Conventional fitness training rarely engages the body’s core stabilising muscles adequately, which can often lead to discomfort after working out or injuries as larger muscle groups are worked disproportionately.

By building strength in core muscles you can provide support for all other movements during training and prevent future injuries. When performing exercises on the NOHrD Eau-Me Balance Board the slightest shift in weight causes water inside the polycarbonate tank to move. The flow of water causes the board to become unbalanced. To stabilise the board you have to use your own core strength to counteract the moving water. In contrast to traditional balancing boards, this provides a further level of challenge to your workout that will help you build strength in the core and stabilising muscles more efficiently.

About WaterRower NOHrD:
WaterRower and its sister brand NOHrD have been designing and producing high-quality revolutionary fitness equipment out of wood for over 30 years. The label perseveres in standing for quality, design and sustainability, with their constant focus on selection of natural and sustainably managed materials. All timber used in the manufacture of their wooden WaterRower rolling machines and NOHrD wooden fitness equipment is sourced from sustainably managed hardwood forests. The combination of classic handcraft and precisely engineered technology ensure consistent quality and constant progress. The brand places high value on respecting the environment, processing all bark and wood completely to ensure a zero-waste manufacturing process.

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