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'I grow stuff therefore I am' Artwork


‘I think, therefore I am’ said Descartes – he believed that a person existed in both mind and body and that, of the two, the more powerful was the mind. The mind, of course, senses the body so whenever you think, you exist. Compare this with the manic consumer culture of the 80s, Kruger’s artwork ‘I shop therefore Iam’ critiqued society’s need to be defined by what you own rather than what you think.

Today, we’re still living within systems that make individuals think they need more ‘stuff’ and encourages mass consumerism without thought.

But, as we are now hearing more and more, this is being rejected by many individuals who want more – more experiences, more mindfulness, resulting in better well-being. ‘I grow stuff therefore I am’


These pieces make a lovely gift for yourself or as a kind reminder for a loved one. They look great individually or even can be used to fill a wall.


These unique artworks are all hand-made. The finished artwork is framed in a contemporary white wooden frame made in the UK.


Sending a gift

The artwork comes beautifully wrapped  in our eco-friendly packaging with gift card, just add your message.



Colour: Mint

Size: A5

Dimensions: 148x210mm

Thickness: 285g

Recycled content: 80%

Origin: EU



Colour: Red

100% organic

Spun in Holland



Size: A4

Dimensions: 238x325mm

Colour: White

Material: Wood

Origin: GB