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The Mini Mix is our full range in a mini version.  Designed for you to either try our products for the first time or as a refill.  The kit contains products only and no bottles, so folk can re-use what they have at home (please rinse really, really well if using old cleaning product bottles) or you can simply add on bottles from our shop. 

All the packaging is home compostable or recyclable, not a piece of plastic in sight! 

The Mini Mix kit includes:

Mini Multi Mix

This is a mini version of our popular Multi Mix multipurpose concentrate cleaner.  This 50ml bottle is a great option of you want to try it without spending big bucks or if like most of us you're on a budget.  50ml makes up 750ml of fabulous multipurpose cleaner.  Packed with a punch of Organic Sweet Orange oil it'll leave the house looking fab and smelling lush. Multi Mix can be used on pretty much everything, leaving wood feeling protected; counters feeling clean and furniture sparkling. 

These glass bottles were given to us by a lovely friend, and so we've opted to donate 40p of each bottle to her charity of choice Histio UK rather than our usual 5% to Project Seagrass.  The perfect combination of doing good for the planet and helping a very deserving charity. 

Multi Mix is vegan, highly environmentally conscious, SLS/ paraben/ chemical preservative/ colouring and  palm free. Plus because it's water-free, you know that you'll be keeping your carbon footprint small as it wings it's way to your home.

Ingredients contain: Surfactant <5%, Glycerine, Organic Sweet Orange


Bath Mix

This banging cleaning paste will lift your senses with a gentle aroma of English Peppermint oil, whilst gently removing grime and grease from your bath, shower, sink and taps.

Bath Mix will leave your bathroom looking super-clean and smelling fresh, but can also be used on many other things, such as hard-to-clean (non-teflon) pans, silver, even your trainers!

Ingredients include (amongst other things): Bicarbonate of Soda, Surfactant <15%, Mentha Piperita oil

Shiny Mix (one dose)

Shiny Mix (one dose of 4 tablets) is designed to leave your hard surfaces sparkling with a hint of Organic Sicilian Lemon oil.  It's great on kitchen appliances, laminate, workbenches, tiled areas, sinks, bathrooms, painted surfaces or glass (top tip, use one in 150ml as a glass cleaner!). This versatile cleaner is even great at removing limescale from shower screens or your loo. Just pop a couple in the toilet and leave them overnight. 

Due to the natural acidity of this product it's not suitable for use on granite, marble or unfinished wood.  There's no reason to not use on on food preparation surfaces, however we advise using it at your own discretion and with caution due to the essential oils used.  


Ingredients contain: Citric Acid, Surfactant <1%, Organic Lemon oil


Toilet Mix (50g refill, no tin)

This innovative powder product has a super-small carbon footprint, being completely water-free.  No bulky bottles being transported, just a tiny tin with enough mix to make up 1 litre of ready-to-use toilet cleaner.  Just add warm tap water at home! Not only that our Toilet Mix uses a cutting edge bio-surfactant (posh soap) made from renewable sources, making it a truly sustainable and highly eco-conscious toilet cleaner!

Toilet Mix is bleach-free toilet concentrate packs a fantastic punch with 5 grams making up 100ml of ready-to-use toilet cleaner.  What's not to love with it's gentle scent of Organic Lavender and organic lemon oil, and using a range of natural and plant derived cleaning agents to make your loo sparkle, removing limescale, lifting debris, leaving it smelling clean.   

One home compostable pouch containing 50 grams which makes up 1 litre of ready-to-use toilet cleaner.


Ingredients include: Citric acid, bio-surfactant, organic Lavender oil.


Whizz Mix (3 cubes).

Whizz Mix are Mix first release of a range of new products using a new-to-market bio-surfactant.  These bombs are based on traditional toilet bombs, but with a twist. Containing a tiny amount of the renewable, highly sustainable and 100% biodegradable bio-surfactant, means you can clean your loo with a quick scrub (no foam, but we promise it's there) after it's worked it's magic by fizzing all the rubbish off.  Whizz Mix cubes will freshen, neutralise odours and allow for a quick clean. It really is all in the Mix. 

 Ingredients: Bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, bio-surfactant, Lavender hydrosol. 



Unsponge for illustrative purposes only, not included. 

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