LA-EVA Ceramic Scoop


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Handmade ceramic scoop made for LA-EVA by Portuguese ceramicist Célia Mendes. Can be used to scoop our salts into a warm bath, for blending our washes, lotion or oil with the salts when using them as an exfoliant, or as a standalone ceramic dish for jewellery, tea lights or other small items.

“My motto in life is a phrase from the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935) : ’Put everything you are, in the minimum you do’. I took a risk starting my personal project the “4elementos Cerâmica & Azulejo” studio based in Olhão, in a globalized world where many artists are handcuffed. My work is inspired by the four primary elements: earth, water, air and fire; which individually come together in the creation of diversity. I think of my work as artisanal creations with an urban spirit, traditional artistry with a contemporary and current character.” Célia Mendez, 2020