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Hummingbird Folding Multi-Speed Belt Drive Flax Bike

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 MULTI-SPEED Belt Drive Folding Flax Bike

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The Hummingbird Multi-speed Belt Drive Folding Flax Bike is designed for Urban life and for freedom. The 8-speed Shimano Nexus gear hub is an efficient design, which uses pedal power to aid down-shifting; resulting in fast and accurate shifts with an exceptionally light feel. The Manufacturing abilities ensure that the Multi-Speed Belt Drive Folding Bike has smooth, quick and quiet shifting.

What are Pros of the Multi-Speed Belt Drive Folding Bike?

  • One of the Hummingbird Multi-Speed Belt Drive Folding Bike’s qualities is that it is low maintenance, which means less to worry about when you're out with your bike.
  • It is also super quiet, perfect around built up areas.
  • The carbon-reinforced belts last longer than chain drives, which means you never need grease!
  • The Bike is Foldable, ensuring that you can take your bike on public transport and is easy to take with you when commuting. 

If you were looking for a lighter bike, our Single-Speed Folding Bike is the lightest folding bike Hummingbird Bikes sell, also available at Generous APE.

Your Multi-Speed, carbon belt drive Flax bike will arrive fully assembled with a start guide to get you started.

What our customers say..

My dream belt bike! Me and my family have been really enjoying riding the Hummingbird. It is a smooth ride. Very lightweight and easy to assemble, three generations of my family are enjoying it from my son, myself and my in-laws! - Chandrakant B 

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