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The Olive Earring Set, Gold

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This Olive hoop and stud combo earring set enables you to have the versatility to wear the set as a set or as individual pieces. The Amfissa Hoops and Conservoils studs, when worn together, provide a beautiful and unique look. 

The Amfissa Hoops A distinctive, geometric hoop design with four matt finished olive leaves, one polished miniature olive sphere and gold beading running round the hoop. The Conservoils studs are an elegant and subtle yet distinctive pair of stud earrings, detailing an olive and two leaves which gently climb each ear lobe. 


Designed in collaboration with Georgina Hayden.

The Amfissa Hoop dimensions:

  • 24 Carat Yellow Gold Plate on 925 Sterling Silver
  • 30mm round hoop


The Conservoils stud Dimensions:

  • 24 Carat Yellow Gold Plate on 925 Sterling Silver
  • 10mm long stud

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