Colombia Las Acacias Estate - 250gms
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Colombia Las Acacias Estate - 250gms

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Colombia Las Acacias

Colombia Las Acacias is from Antioquia; a mountainous area mainly due to the Andes, that is the 6th largest department in Colombia. Las Acacias is a traditional washed coffee. The cherries are picked from the trees and sorted
in a flotation tank, where any underripes, sticks, and anything else float to the top and is skimmed off, with the ripe clean cherries channelled in to the de-pulper to separate the bean from the cherry. From there, the coffee is held in fermentation tanks before being dried to a consistent moisture and readied for shipping.

Grown by Silvia Vargas on her farm up to at a wheezy 1900m altitude. Using crop from her Caturra & Typica trees she has produced an archetypal example of Colombian coffee.

Las Acacias is a Rainforest certified farm, covering a variation in canopy height and diversity in flora.

N.B. Colombians are hugely in to cycling, Antioquia had the concept of closing roads in the city on a Sunday to allow cyclists free run of the roads and Ciudad Bolivar. The municipality that is home to Las Acacias is well known for its association with professional international cyclists Carlos Betancur and Julián Arredondo. In an area that was historically rocked by violence, inequality and a culture of corruption, new life in the form of a renewed coffee industry and investment in the next generation of producers is welcome progress.

Country: Colombia
Department: Antioquia
Municipality: Ciudad Bolivar
Farm: Las Acacias
Name of Producer: Silvia Vargas
Altitude: 1600-1900 masl
Varieties: Castillo 60%, Caturra 25%, Colombia 15%
Harvest Main: September - December
Harvest Mitaca: April - May
Process: Washed
Annual rainfall: 1600mm

Rory's Tasting Notes:

Christmas flavoured caramelised oranges, candied peel and caramel creamy body