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"Life is the flower for which love is the honey"


Scent arc: A zingy citrus opening with the BLACKCURRANT LEAVES, TAGETTES, LEMON + GRAPEFRUIT. The heart of the scent is the beautiful soft and delicate scent of ORANGE BLOSSOM and a hint of ENGLISH ROSE on a bed of JASMINE, AMBER and MOSS notes.

SCENT STORY: This scent, to me, conjures up spring! ORANGE BLOSSOM is such a complex scent that I have always love. It has a light citrus smell, that is sweet + soapy. ORANGE BLOSSOM FLOWERS are used to make NEROLI ESSENTIAL OIL. They use the white flowers from the bitter orange tree and steam distill them using thousands of petals just to make a few ounces of NEROLI ESSENTIAL OIL. I love the fact that is both FRUITY + FLORAL.

  • Hand-poured in small batches to maintain quality.
  • 100% Natural wax - a custom blend of Coconut + Soy - sustainably sourced.
  • Eco Conscious - ingredients and packaging - REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
  • Vegan Friendly and ingredients not tested on animals
  • Wooden (gently flickering) wicks -raw, untreated wooden wicks that are FSC Certified wood
  • Oak Veneer lids

LARGE SIZE (306g) : 45-50 hours burn.

SMALL SIZE (157g): 20-25 hours burn.

CANDLE CARE: To get the most from your candle, allow your first burn to melt the wax until it reaches the edges (approximately 2 hours). This will mean that your candle will evenly burn. Trim wick to 1/8" and remove any charred bits of the wood.