Humans Are Vain Shoe Size Guide

Humans Are Vain Shoe Size Guide

The fit of this style is true to size but we always recommend double checking your size using the following guidelines:

You can check your closest size by doing the following:

1. Grab a sheet of paper and place it against a wall so the edge of the paper is touching the wall.

2. Now stand on the paper with your heel lightly touching the wall.

3. Mark on the paper where your big toe ends.

4. Measure the distance from the back edge of the paper to the mark on the paper and that will give you your foot length.

5. Now compare your foot length to the chart below which shows the inside length of our shoes. We recommend that the shoe length/size should be 6-10mm longer than your foot length. If you are between sizes always size up.


Size EU Foot Length
 37  246mm
 38  253mm
 39  259mm
 40  265mm
 41  271mm
 42  277mm
 43  283mm
 44  290mm
 45  296mm
 46  302mm