Copy of Our Story


Generous APE was created out of a fundamental desire to build a business that not only made it as simple as possible to live a conscious lifestyle, but one which could influence a seismic change as a collective, and to truly make a positive impact on the world we live in. 

Our mission is to create a destination that was not just for the individuals who shop sustainably, but to widen the audience, and to inspire the masses to adopt a new way of life when it comes to shopping.

The vision was to form something which allowed customers to shop where each purchase has a purpose, and through every transaction you are connected to a sustainable solution and are giving something back.






Generous APE is an online destination

that is a catalyst for positive change, in which we inspire, innovate and engage with our community, expressing how we can move towards a positive outlook on the future of our planet.

I firmly believe that change is the key action required to improve our planet, and what we must all realise is that if we all change how we consume, then retailers will have to adapt to our requirements and preferences.

So with that in mind, what we aim to do is guide you through some of the questions you need to think about when shopping, and the reasons behind them.


We wanted to create a community

in which those changes are made seamlessly and do not require a sacrifice on style, quality and design.

I am passionate about fashion, but became increasingly uncomfortable with the impact the brands I was buying and endorsing, had on the planet.

Our style led marketplace provides a brilliant curation of brands and products, in which customers can put faith in our process to ensure they are truly making a difference to our planet.



The future can be positive,

and we can make the changes and differences required to improve our surroundings. 

Fast fashion, excessive pollution, poor practice and exploitive pay are just some of the many issues, but we want to show you that we are what we wear, and prove that through shopping sustainably you can still make a ‘big impression with a small impact.’

I wanted to create a business which at its core was about solving the bad relationship we often see between retail and the environment. But, making the required changes must be a choice.


One of the key elements we want to convey at Generous APE,

is how conscious fashion creates a whole new relationship with your wardrobe. All of the products sold on our platform tell a story, and every brand is making a difference in their own ‘environment’.

These products you’ll find are conversation starters, and they carry a commitment which intrigues and inspires. When you shop sustainably and connect with a brand, you make a connection with the style, principles and values of that product. 

Altruism is at the core of Generous APE’s DNA, and that’s why we pledge to donate 10% of our profits annually to carefully selected charities and causes.


APE if you were wondering,

is an abbreviation of Animals, People and Environment, and these are the three areas in which we as a business will be focusing our donations as we grow.

Throughout our journey, we’ll support this by sharing an exciting range of APE content, so do take a look at our site and let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you. 


"Be the change you want to see in the world"