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Founder: Samual Nettey

About the brand: Trace think outside the "Shoe" Box. Literally. By using sustainable components, locally sourced trims and manufactured in an audited, family-owned factory where the employees are paid a good wage, they strike a balance between social impact and sustainability. This is Mindful Manufacture and is the ethos of Trace.  Did you know that the shoe box hasn’t been truly redesigned since 1817, so Trace has come up with a Biodegradable, eco-friendly alternative, best of all it's 100% recyclable and can seamlessly fit into your everyday life. So if you find a new use for it - drop us an image on Instagram and we will repost it.

APE says: Follow/track/trace the new footprint of these great street style sneakers and be mindful that they have done all the hard work.

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