Collection: h.huna

Founder: Siobhan Shanley

About the brand: Established in 2019, h.huna’s inspiration stems from another time, a time when clothing was made for a purpose and attention to detail was the norm. Siobhan, the face behind h.huna, decided to take a side step to create a capsule collection for women who treasure craftsmanship, impeccable detail, and prefer to own things for life. And wishing to represent the talent of the manufacturers close to home, h.huna started the ball rolling by working primarily with UK and Scottish factories. h.huna strives to bring an awakening to slow fashion and faith in a garment's purpose to help you to identify with your individual character and to be at one with your wardrobe pieces.

APE says: Seasonless wardrobe staples which can be worn over and over again.
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