Collection: Charl Knitwear

Founder: Frankie Davies

About the brand: Inspired by the Norfolk Gansey fisherman's jumpers of the late 19th century, Frankie wanted to preserve the stitches, constructions and shapes by remodelling them into modern, pared back garments, so that their stories are not lost.  She has created a collection of knitwear using organic, traceable and naturally dyed cashmere, rare breed traceable British wool and un-dyed baby alpaca yarn all knitted and expertly produced at carefully selected factories in London and Perugia (Italy).  Charl Knitwear is proud to be one of the 20 brands that carry the British Woll certificate of origin.

APE says: We are proud to be working with Frankie - ethical craftsmanship - knitwear made, ready to be loved.

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