Why Style?

Why Style?

Hugo Empson

What I have learnt over the course of the past year is that we now shop by mission, and not by season.  Consumerism has changed forever. We are now more confident to shop online, sustainability is paramount and greenwashing ridiculed.

What that means is “what do I need to wear today to do what I need to do today”. Am I “zooming” from home? If so, let’s ensure that I/we look good from the waist up!  How do I come across ? And, is what I’m wearing really representing myself and my beliefs? 

The day when we “needed” Spring Summer new collections in stores by October has gone and for two reasons.  Firstly, it’s still cold until March due to climate change, and secondly, all of this stock piling (literally) is mass producing landfill.

Have you ever thought about what happens to sale stock that just doesn’t sell?  Or, what about stock that’s returned back to suppliers – that then gets sent back to factories and gets passed further and further down the supply chain until it ends up literally in the ground?

Well, welcome to The Generous Ape and thank you for already being part of our journey.

We have created a destination that brings together style and sustainability and our moto is very much that “ You don’t have to sacrifice stylistically to shop sustainably”.  We live in a visual world where we express who we are through “what we are”. Our homes have become our nests and our personality shines through the style that we create.

Style is now more important than fashion. True style doesn’t date, it’s our ethics and beliefs that develop and change as we all gain knowledge about the world together.

Across this very site, we will share with you how we can start to make a change, as we strive for “progress not perfection”.  We have to think about our world and the effect every decision has on our planet and together we will be mission led shoppers - not season led.

It has been a fascinating and educational process curating the brands for Generous APE.  We have partnered with great brands that have incredible and passionate stories …..and we are already selecting more.