The hunt for Waes Trainers

The hunt for Waes Trainers

david walker smith

Sleep really isn’t my friend.  So as not to wake up the other half, I hide under the covers swiping through Instagram.  I remember stopping in my tracks when I came across the world’s only plastic-free echo trainer.  I dm’d them and waited.  I was always taught in my buying career to hunt until you find the best and to never give up on a negotiation that you truly believe in.  And with all of that in mind, we are proud to announce our partnership with WAES.

For once algorithms worked.

The reviews reflect the passion and true brilliance that has been put into this brand by the founders Ed, Damian, Grace and Jules - “The most comfortable, stylish, and dope trainers I have ever owned. I will be back for more” and “All things should be designed & developed this way ...Awesome!”.

Stylistically I love the simplicity of the designs – a pureness which leaves the ethics as the hero.  Talking to Ed, an immense amount of work has been put into the comfort and the functionality of each design as well as ensuring that their mission has been achieved.

On reflection after we secured the deal to work together, I realised that we share the same passion.  Hunt until you find what you’re looking for and to never give up until you get the solution.  As we say in our principles “progress not perfection” but trust me, Waes trainers are leaps and bounds ahead - committed to producing beautiful, stylish and eco-friendly footwear that leaves no trace.


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