Utilising HOPE for a sustainable future

david walker smith

Life’s got messy

There’s the pessimist and there’s the optimist. 

The optimist has a measurable chance of succeeding. The pessimist stays still, never changing.

Sometimes the pessimist is louder, forming tribes of followers and for some undefined reason, we now live in a world where negativity is celebrated more than positivity. 

If you fear, “what could go wrong next,” you place an unnecessary burden on your shoulders whilst dreading the worst. 

They do say that it only takes 25% of a group to mobilise an effective change. But, what is the prompt to create that initial conversation? 

It’s something simple, and it’s a four letter word we all know – it’s HOPE.

The vision in front of us can be overwhelming, but HOPE gives the possibility of acceptance.

HOPE is a virtue, a real game changer, a tool that evokes an opportunity.

HOPE creates a platform that forms a connection, a conversation, to share the same goal - and it also creates belief, belief that things will work, especially when it seems otherwise.

Ultimately, HOPE should act as the catalyst to help you stay calm, focused and peaceful.  

As William McDonough has so eloquently stated in his more recent book Upcycle, we have an opportunity to focus on “more good” rather than “less bad.” 

We need to understand and educate people about problems, but our focus needs to be on the beauty and promise of the solutions. 

We must cultivate a more radical HOPE - a commitment to live a more sustainable life. 

We are all well versed on the benefits of sustainability, but what more can we do? How do we get there?

Our message is simple: embrace it.  Live it.  Believe in possibility. Trust and inspire the process.

Envisioning a better future motivates you to take the steps to make it happen. The rest is down to us.


Get the courage to be the change that you want to see in the world.