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This is the first news report that we have posted on our site- why? Because it highlights simple everyday changes that we can all make to slow down and stabilise the effects of global warming. It resonates with our values at Generous APE.  It talks about POSITIVE choices and actions that we can ALL do.  It echoes the VOICE OF THE APE.

From Sky news.

Climate change: Six everyday things you can do to help stop global warming.

Sky News looks at everyday changes you can make to help prevent global warming after the UN revealed temperatures increases are set to reach their 1.5C limit within 20 years.

Check out the article here.

We support all 6 everyday changes but the one that resonates the most with us is joining our counterculture to fast fashion.  This is one of our values.

This is what SKY NEWS says about that,


"Our taste for fast, cheap and disposable fashion is hurting the environment.

The textile industry requires a huge quantity of water and dozens of toxic chemicals, resulting in vast amounts of water and air pollution.

This year it was revealed that the UK buys more clothes than any other country in Europe.

And campaigners Fashion Revolution have also criticised big brands for failing to declare their carbon footprints, meaning many are going unchecked.

While that is up to them, there are a number of things you can do to limit the impact of your fashion choices.

Buying clothes second hand, selling or repurposing those you no longer want, and limiting how often you buy new items will all help.

Avoiding fast-delivery options will also help reduce the clothing company's carbon footprint and doing your research on which brands are more sustainable - for example ones that use electric delivery vans or produce their clothes in the UK - is another way to take action."

That is why at Generous APE we only work with brands that believe and support this value.

Join now and lets all make the change we HAVE to see in the world.