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We have become obsessed with the labels, the logos, the brands and big names, especially in the world of trainers. But why not buy for quality for a change? We admit, it is difficult to halt brand driven purchases, which avoid vital questions of how or where products are made altogether. After all, ignorance is bliss in the fashion industry.

But these five brands are key to solving the transparency crisis the fashion industry is experiencing. From extracting ocean plastic, to ensuring outstanding workers’ rights, each step taken in any of these shoes is a step closer to mending our fragile planet and nurturing the people within it. They help your trainer obsession become a little healthier for the environment, the labourers who make your shoes, and your feet. And don’t worry – style and quality is never compromised - so you can still cruise through the streets looking cool as a cucumber, minus any blisters from your previous poor quality kicks.


For climate positivity – ELLIOTT FOOTWEAR

We all need a bit of positivity right now. Elliott Footwear is the world’s first climate-positive trainer brand, meaning it goes beyond net zero carbon emissions. Elliot actually removes additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, contributing to reducing our carbon footprint further. As vegan and recyclable rubber shoes, a pair of Elliots reverses the carbon footprint with a climate-positive offset of 1 tonne of CO2 – that’s the equivalent of the average emission of one passenger on a return flight from Paris to New York, or 6000km in a diesel car! Go high-top retro canvas, or the simple classic lows, both of which are perfect for everyday wear with their anti-slip rubber soles. Want to make a statement? We love the high tops with their signature green stripes that are sure to turn heads.



For zero-plastic - WAES

As the world’s first zero-plastic eco-trainers, these vegan trainers are created in partnership with nature rather than being anti. From production to a trainer's end of life, Waes consider the full lifecycle of products. Revolutionising the trainer trade, Waes’ 100% composable shoes reject any thought of long-term landfill. With a variety of statement colours and fabrics, Waes offer an exciting alternative to the classic fast-fashion trainer, complementing its beautiful design with bold colours such as celestial blue on organic cotton canvas and deep rich red on Italian suede.


For the ocean lovers and wave-riders – OCEAN REFRESH

Created from plastic removed from oceans and coastlines, these fresh kicks contribute to a fresher, cleaner ocean. These vegan trainers contain up to 12 plastic bottles per pair, and are 100% recyclable, with their soles even made from old tyres. Available in contemporary colours of navy, khaki and more, Ocean Refresh ensures comfy, durable shoes that will also last a lifetime of style. Join the movement in making a solution out of the ever-growing problem of plastic waste in our oceans – who knew plastic bottles could ever be so comfortable!


The OG Eco Kicks with an upcycling craze - KOMODO

As the OG Eco Kicks, since 1988 Komodo has been effortlessly stylish yet actively ethical. FSC approved rubber sole crafted from upcycled tyres and footbeds made of old flip flops offer the greatest comfort whilst upcycling. In fact, for every two pairs of shoes an old tyre is saved from landfill. Handcrafted in Java, the uppers combine 100% organic cotton with hemp, which does not require pesticides and nasty agro-chemicals. With funky designs infused by both Eastern and Western design ideas, Komodo trainers offer a pop of colour and unique flare to your wardrobe, so style is never compromised. Nor is the planet: if you buy a shoe, Komodo plants a bamboo tree. Shoot! No way!


For the creative goers pure street style - SANS MATIN

Handcrafted trainers by a family-owned company that sources every element of the shoe locally, meaning less waste and a reduced ecological footprint. No one likes Big Foot anyway! Like us, the two founding cousins believe in giving back to their shoemakers in Medellin and currently pledge 2% of sales to "Children Change Colombia" which strives to tackle poverty and violence particularly in youths. With soles made of 60% of natural rubber, this creates the perfect cushion. This allows allow your trainers to be versatile, embodying the new craze of wearing trainers "anytime, any place, anywhere". See you in them.

Blog written by Maud Swanborough for GENEROUS APE