Introduction to Generous APE

Introduction to Generous APE

Hugo Empson

We’re delighted to introduce you to Generous APE, and what better way to get started than with a sit down with our founder Hugo Empson.

Hugo, why did you decide to form and launch Generous APE? 

“Change” is the primary reason why I created Generous APE. I set out to create a style led sustainable marketplace, which made it effortless and exciting for people to make the change into shopping sustainably, where each purchase has a purpose.

I have always been passionate about both fashion and the natural environment. However, they have not always been able to work in harmony together.

Many of the practices within retail are hugely detrimental to the planet, and I wanted to create a business which is a part of the solution, helping to solve the awful relationship retail has with the planet.

People often assume that when you shop sustainably or ethically you lose out on style, quality and design. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and we want to express how you can make a big impression, with a small impact.

There are so many incredible independent brands within the sustainable sector, and one of the most important elements of Generous APE is to provide them with the exposure they deserve.

For anyone who might not know, what does the APE stand for?

Quite simply, it stands for Animals, People, Environment.

And, we will be donating 10% of our profits back to carefully selected charities and causes in these sectors. The brands we partner with prioritise at least one of these factors, and share a responsibility for the planet.

What are you hoping to achieve with Generous APE?

Every person we can help to make a positive step to lowering their environmental impact, represents a step in the right direction.

I want Generous APE to make conscious shopping effortless and to influence as wider community as possible to make this transition. We want to inspire people to make the choice of changing how they shop, and to share our excitement and intrigue into sustainable retail. 

Why should brands be part of the Generous APE project?

We offer brands our unique exposure, which goes beyond just having products on the Generous APE website. We really focus on giving brands their tone of voice on the site, and collaborate with brands on content and interviews, which all help to engage customers with their brand.

We take a very proactive approach with our brands who can release new content and collections through Generous APE. Not to mention our investment in targeted marketing, social media as well as other media streams like podcasting, webinars, and in the not so distant future, bricks and mortar sights. 

Why do so many people not consider the environment/sustainability when shopping?

There is still often a pre-conception that if you shop sustainably/consciously that you will have to sacrifice on products style, quality and design. Many people would love to do more for the environment and we offer a seamless solution for people to do so. 

All too often are we are overwhelmed with the negative narrative around the awful state of our planet. We focus on inspiring people through individuals, brands and businesses which are taking action today to work towards a better future.

People need to understand that every individual change can make a significant impact.

What will Generous APE look like in 12 months?

After a year like 2020, it is hard to predict where we will be in 12 months. The truth is, many people thought that we were mad to continue building a startup business through a global pandemic.

Covid-19 has thrown us some curve balls, and slowed down certain elements of the business, but we have all adapted to making light of a bad situation, and definitely come out with an even more compelling offering.

So, I hope that in 12 months, we will have evolved, with a series of new collections launching throughout 2021, as well as many new partnerships with brands on Generous APE.

The team at Generous APE will have also grown, and I look forward to welcoming in some new talent, to keep developing the business. 


If you want to speak to Hugo or a member of our team about joining the Generous APE journey, then get in touch with a member of our team here.