I love International Women's Day because...

I love International Women's Day because...

Generous APE


At Generous APE we support all genders, however it is imperative to highlight and discuss days like International Women's Day as women all over the world still face discrimination.

The theme for 2022 is #BreakTheBias, where IWD are encouraging women to share photos of themselves with crossed arms in front of them to highlight the movement. 

We celebrate the achievements made by women, who we have partnered with on Generous APE, who also empower customers through innovation, conversation and giving back to our planet.

"I love because.." is our campaign, our share of values with the brands and the women who have created them.

Joanne and Rachel launched By Elleven in November 2020. After working together in Fashion E-commerce for a number of years they decided to take the plunge and launch their own brand. They knew they wanted to be a part of the slow fashion movement and make it their mission to use amazing quality, ethically sourced, organic fabrics. They believe you should buy what you love and wear it over and over again, so they knew their products had to be made to last. 

Rachel and Jo quote “Women already carry the mental Load, we want to empower them by simplifying two things. Their wardrobe, giving them a style focused and long lasting capsule wardrobe and their fashion ethics, by ensuring our collections and practises are as sustainable as possible”.

Been.London founder Genia Mineeva started off as a political journalist, working for the BBC and running many campaigns for the UN, however, one story really got under her skin: coffee cup waste. After researching this topic immensely she came to the conclusion there was so much potential in ‘waste’ that wasn’t being realised. Been London sources materials destined for landfill and turns them into timeless, classic designs.

Genia says "I’m proud of my choices, I’m proud of supporting a small social enterprise, I’m proud of supporting local seamstresses, I’m proud of supporting Londoners with learning difficulties, I’m proud of  making a different way of making fashion. This is the feeling, I would hope, our customers have.”

Angela Blundell has created a timeless ‘slow-fashion’ collection that will remain as  wardrobe staple forever. Concrete London's products are made using 100% extra fine, non mulesed wool, using the Japanese technique of ‘Whole garment technology', where every piece is made whole (yes, no seams!) therefore zero wastage of yarn. All their yarn is spun in sustainable factories in Italy and manufactured in small, ethical factories in the UK. Non- mulesed yarn means that the wool is ethically sheared, so they protect the sheep’s well-being when being sheared.

Angela says IWD to me highlights the need to celebrate women’s achievements in their work and personal lives, as we really do not do it enough. Whilst I may think we should not need to have such a day to highlight this (more like an everyday occurrence!) but this day helps us to be recognised." Read Angela's full interview here.

Be the change you want to see in the world, a world where difference is valued and celebrated.

I love you because...