Behind The Brand: Meet Megha Lohia and Rachel Fong of Bivain

Behind The Brand: Meet Megha Lohia and Rachel Fong of Bivain

What inspired you to start Bivain?

We studied fashion design and have always loved the creative process, but the reality of producing multiple collections a year and being dictated by the seasons did not appeal to us. We still wanted to channel our creativity into something sustainable and timeless; at first we came up with the idea of repurposing luxury silk scarves into cushions, but then we thought ‘why don’t we design the cushions ourselves?’, and Bivain was born. We drew inspiration from our multi-cultural backgrounds and travels, and our collections have evolved from there.

What is the ethos behind Bivain?

Bivain is all about celebrating our individuality and uniqueness. We are the opposite of minimalism – we champion maximalism and eccentricity. We believe that our homes should be an expression of ourselves and that we shouldn’t be afraid of making bold choices. We pride ourselves in creating individualistic style statements for your home. 

How do you want Bivain to make customers feel?

Our brand is aimed at the vivacious, adventurous and design-conscious customer who enjoys making a statement with their home and personal style. We want our customers to feel joy when surrounded by our colourful home décor, as well as a sense of peace because they are home, where the heart is.

How do you practice sustainability in your daily life?

We make sure that any materials that we can recycle are recycled, we use our offcuts for new designs, we never use plastic cutlery, and we don’t take long hot showers.

What is your idea of a perfect Saturday/ (in London)?

Firstly, a lunch of Hainanese chicken rice at the Mei Mei food stall in Borough Market, then a walk to the quaint Cecil Court near St Martin’s Lane for a rummage around the beautiful antiques and book shops. After that, drinks at The Londoner Hotel rooftop bar (their Lychee Rosé infused with Mount Fuji aroma is absolutely delicious), and maybe catching an old movie at the Prince Charles Cinema, then going east for dinner at Sông Quê Café on Kingsland Road, finished with drinks at the quirky Mama Shelter hotel in Shoreditch. We have always drawn inspiration from the big, bold, eccentric aesthetic of London and so our city adventures never cease to add value. 

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